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Individual Coaching

My One-on-One sessions are designed for high-performing individuals who are serious about investing in their professional and personal future. We’ll work together to identify the roadblocks in your professional and personal life that prevent you from moving forward.

Small Group Coaching

My Small Group sessions are designed for individuals in search of a business coaching environment where shared experiences enhance the learning process. Through collaboration, we can achieve breakthrough results!

Corporate Training

A veteran of the executive world, I am available to come work with you , utilizing the Energy Leadership Development System. This program works to further enhance leadership skills or serves as a great introduction for someone new in a leadership capacity.

Helping reach your full potential...


Darren was a wonderful coach, and helped me to move my life forward. I learned the importance of setting boundaries, and how they can be both healthy and important to my growth. I would highly recommend Darren to anyone who is looking for a person to help them go to the next level! - Laura

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Darren makes people feel like winners plain and simple, from start to finish. You go to Darren for help, you know something's wrong, yet Darren sees your positives, your gifts and builds with it. Before you know it, your problem, your situation, is solved. You cannot go wrong with Darren's coaching. - Alan

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Tips & Tools

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    5 tips to help you cross the year e...

    Businessman cheering for team with referee behind him
    You are 1/3 of the way through the fourth quarter, are you approaching the goal line or getting ready to punt?
    I love this time of year! The leaves are turning color, fall crispness is in the air and …

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    Do you have a business generator?...

    Does your business have a generator?
    Typically when we utilize the word “generator” in a business context, many would think it was a method of growing sales, revenue or in most cases lead generation.
    For purposes of this article, let’s consider that a generator is a redundant …

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    Multiple Business Disorder...

    Multiple Choice Test
    Is your business being negatively impacted by MBD?
    What is MBD? Multiple Business Disorder. Let me explain.
    Over the last few months, as I have attended various networking events in the local communities, I have met more than a dozen business owners who suffer from …

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What holds you back from living the life of your dreams?

Through our collaboration, we will explore any internal or external barriers that prevent you from being your best and most fulfilled self.